UnCruise Adventures, Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers from Sitka, July 27, 2024

7-day Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers from Sitka to Juneau aboard Safari Endeavour

Uncruise 7-day Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers from Sitka to JuneauCruising from: Sitka, Alaska;
Departure Date: July 27, 2024;
Duration: 7 night cruise;
Cruise Line: UnCruise Adventures;
Cruise Ship: Safari Endeavour;
Ports of Call: Sitka, Krestof & Nakwasina Sounds, Baranof Island / Peril Strait, Chichagof Island, Icy Strait, Glacier Bay, Lynn Canal / Chatham Strait, Juneau;

Experience wildlife, wilderness, and native culture on this Alaska cruise with UnCruise Adventures

Day 0

Sitka, Alaska

From May through September, Sitka serves as a popular stop for cruise ships traveling the Inside Passage. Huge cruise ships dock at sea, and smaller boats take people to the Crescent Harbor Lightering Facility or the O’Connell Bridge Lightering Facility. Sitka is one of the[…]

Day 2

Nakwasina Sounds, Alaska

Located in Alaska, Nakwasina Sound is a bay not far from Allan Point, the Border Rocks, and Halleck Island. Baranof Island doesn’t have many straight stretches, but off its western coast are hundreds of tiny, deserted islets perfect for anchoring and exploring. Explore the low-lying[…]

Day 3

Baranof Island, Alaska

Experience all that Alaska has to offer on an adventure cruise through the breathtaking Baranof Island wilderness area. Baranof Island is a popular destination on Alaskan cruises. Experience the unspoiled beauty of Alaska’s wilderness and nature on a cruise to Baranof Island. Baranof Island, also[…]

Day 4

Chichagof Island, Alaska

Chichagof Island, also known as Shee Kaax, is located in the Alaska Panhandle near Bell Island, Nelson Island, and Soloma Point in the Alexander Archipelago. It is the fifth-largest island in the United States, measuring 75 miles in length and 50 miles in width for[…]

Day 5

Icy Strait, Alaska

Just outside the small village of Hoonah, which has Alaska’s largest native Tlingit Indian population, is the privately owned port of adventure known as Icy Strait Point. It’s named after the neighboring Icy Strait, and you’ll find it on Chichagof Island. Tlingit Indians have lived[…]

Day 6

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a must-see for any cruise ship making its way north through Southeast Alaska, thanks to its towering mountains, ice-sculpted fjords, rich marine life, and, most of all, gigantic tidewater glaciers. The scenery of Glacier Bay National Park, which[…]

Day 6

Lynn Canal, Alaska

In southeast Alaska, you’ll find Lynn Canal, an inlet that connects to the mainland. The inlets of the Chilkat River in the south and Stephens Passage to the north form the northern boundary of the Alexander Archipelago. The Coast Mountains rise on its eastern side,[…]

Day 7

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, often described as America’s most unusual state capital, is the only center of U.S. government with no roads leading into or out of town. The city is surrounded by nature, namely towering mountains and the waters of Gastineau Channel. The modern city of Juneau is[…]

Enjoy a seven-night Whales, Wildlife & Glaciers from Sitka to Juneau through the beautiful Inside Passage, exploring fjords, glacial valleys, and untouched wilderness with UnCruise Adventures, Safari Endeavour. Safari Endeavour leaving Sitka for 7 nights from July 27, 2024.

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