Cruising Sergius Narrows, Alaska

Sergius NarrowsSergius Narrows is a 30-mile long waterway to Sitka, between Baranof and Chichagof islands, trought Kakul Narrows, Salsbury Sound and the Pacific before narrowing through to Neva and Olga Straits which leads to and from Sitka. Opening at Hoonah Sound, the aptly named Sergius Narrows is used by small vessels to traverse from the open Pacific Ocean to the Alaskan Inside Passage. Squeezing to only 300 feet wide in one spot and a shallow 24 feet deep it is notoriously difficult to navigate due to raging currents and whirlpools. All vessels wait until slack tide when the currents are at their slowest to start manoeuvring. The narrow passage, wanders through heavily forested steep hills of the Tongass National Forest.

This exciting passage is dotted with serene forested islands where visitors have a great opportunity to see bears, black-tailed deer, the waters for otters and whales, and skyward for bald eagles and rocky shoreline.



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