Cruising Peril Strait, Alaska

Peril Strait, Alaska

Peril Strait, AlaskaPeril Strait or Háat Ishkáak is a strait in the Alexander Archipelago in southeastern Alaska. It is between Chichagof Island to its north and Baranof Island and Catherine Island to its south. The Strait is twisting channel known for dramatic currents, Peril Strait runs 50 miles from Salisbury Sound on the west to the Chatham Strait on the east. It is entirely within the limits of the City and Borough of Sitka.

The forest trail winds through beautiful forest, past an inner lagoon rimmed by abundant wildflowers, and up along a stream.  Kayakers paddled along the shores of the bay, and watched a harbor seal mother and pup resting on a tiny, algae covered islet. Other people cruised along the shore in small boats, and looked closely at sea stars, chitons and limpets clinging to the low intertidal rocks. Bald eagles flew over the treetops, and one carried a branch to add to its nest. Bird songs drifted out from the forest.

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