Cruising to Misty Fjords, Alaska

Misty Fjords National Monument

Misty Fjords, AlaskaThe spectacular Misty Fjords National Monument is a national monument and wilderness area administered by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the Tongass National Forest. Misty Fjords is about 40 miles east of Ketchikan, Alaska, a natural mosaic of sea cliffs, steep fjords and rock walls jutting 3000ft straight out of the ocean. The monument is covered with thick rainforests that grow on nearly vertical slopes from sea level to mountaintops.

Icy blue lakes, waterfalls, snowcapped peaks, glacial valleys, literally everywhere you point your camera, it’s a postcard. There are two ways to experience the Misty Fjords, from a floatplane, where you get a true eagle’s eye view; and on a cruise tour, where you can actually feel the vibration of nature.

Across from the Salmon River and Portland Canal and the settlement of Hyder, Alaska, small glaciers occupy high areas of the northeast part of the monument. Soule and Through Glaciers cover high plateaus and valleys in the Lincoln and Seward Mountains.

Wildlife in Misty Fjords is abundant and varied and includes mountain goat, brown bear, black bear, moose, marten, wolf, wolverine, river otter, sea lion, harbor seal, killer whale and Dall porpoise. Birds range from hummingbirds to trumpeter swans to herons to bald eagles. All five Pacific salmon are present.

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