Cruising Lynn Canal, Alaska

Alaska’s Lynn Canal

Lynn CanalLynn Canal is an inlet into the mainland of southeast Alaska. It lies within the Alexander Archipelago and extends north from Chatham Strait about 90 miles from the inlets of the Chilkat River south and Stephens Passage. It is the northernmost fjord to penetrate the Coast Mountains, which rise on its eastern side. Lynn Canal is the deepest fjord in North America and one of the deepest and longest in the world as well.

Lynn Canal proved to be a waterway involved in a dispute of the “Alaskan Panhandle”, a strip of land running down the pacific coast between British Columbia and Alaska. Just south of Haines, the navigable canal divides into two inlets, the westernmost to the mouth of the Chilkat River, the easternmost through Taiya Inlet to the port of Skagway, terminus of the Inside Passage (Alaska Marine Highway) from Washington state making it a major route for shipping, cruise ships, and ferries. The canal is home to many fish and mammals, including humpback whales and northern, or Steller, sea lions.


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