Cruising to Hoonah, Alaska

Welcome to Hoonah.

Hoonah, AlaskaHoonah, the largest native Tlingit Indian settlement on Chichagof Island, located in Alaska’s panhandle in the southeast region of the state. Hoonah was settled 2,000 years ago by the Tlingit. Fur traders arrived in Hoonah in 1880s bringing the first infrastructure into the region. In 1912, the Hoonah Packing company built the first cannery in the area. In 1944, when a fire destroyed major parts of Hoonah, many people called the cannery buildings their temporary home while the city was rebuilt.

Hoonah attracts sport fishing and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors to Hoonah can enjoy outdoor expeditions such as bike treks and zip rides, ATV tours and sportfishing. Whale watching is considered excellent near Hoonah and humpback and killer whales are often spotted along the shores right in front of town.  You can go on a tour of the historic cannery with several different tours and cultural events available for booking through the cruise lines that go into Hoonah. Sea kayakers are also drawn here for the 40-mile wilderness paddle that follows the shorelines of Port Frederick and Tenakee Inlet from Hoonah to Tenakee Springs.  There are also several gift shops, as well as restaurants touting fresh seafood on their daily menus.

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