Cruising to Behm Canal, Alaska

Behm Canal in the Alexander Archipelago.

Behm Canal, AlaskaBehm Canal is the ultimate Ketchikan Area trip. Behm Canal is a natural channel in the Alexander Archipelago, located a little southeast of Ketchikan, Alaska. About 108 miles long, Behm Canal separates Revillagigedo Island from the mainland. Behm Canal is also the home to a United States Navy Submarine sound testing range. That is used to ensure U.S. Submarines are as quiet as they can be.

The canal is a natural waterway that surrounds the west, north, and east sides of Revillagigedo Island. Trip Highlights: Beautiful scenery, hot springs, bears, waterfowl, marine mammals, berry picking, wilderness camping, Misty Fjords, solitude, old-growth forest.