Cruising Baranof / Chichagof Islands, Alaska

The Alexander Archipelago.

Chichagof IslandsImmerse yourself in the wilds of Alaska as you kayak deep into one of Baranof or Chichagof Island’s countless, breathtaking bays. Hear bald eagles call from the tops of towering spruce and hemlock trees as you paddle through these mirror-calm waters. In the afternoon, hear the stories of this ancient rain forest on an adventurous hike with your naturalist guide.

Cruising Baranof Islands, Alaska

Baranof Island Baranof Island, also sometimes called Baranov Island, Shee or Sitka Island, is an island in the northern Alexander Archipelago in the Alaska Panhandle, in Alaska. Baranof Island hosts the highest mountain in the Alexander Archipelago, and is the eighth largest island in Alaska. Sitka is[…]

Cruising Chichagof Islands, Alaska

Chichagof Island Chichagof Island, or Shee Kaax, is an island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Alaska Panhandle, nearby to Bell Island, Nelson Island and Soloma Point. At 75 miles (121 km) long and 50 miles (80 km) wide, it has a land area of[…]

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