Cruise Sawyer Glacier

Cruising Sawyer Glacier.

Sawyer GlacierTracy Arm is the name of the fjord that leads up to the two faces of Sawyer Glacier. Instead of a large bay, the fjord walls are narrow and craggy, with steep rock faces that contain multiple waterfalls. The closer you get to the end of Tracy Arm, the more icebergs you’ll see, in shades of blue so deep you’ll think they are made of glass. In June, you may see newly born seal pups on the larger floes, their mothers guarding them closely. Cruise ships often send smaller excursion boats out to get a closer look at Sawyer Glacier.

Small ships are far likelier to bring you to Sawyer Glacier, at the end of the Tracy Arm fjord. There you cruise to within ½ mile of the South Sawyer Glacier, where there are often 100-200 seals hauled out on ice floes between the ship and the glacier.

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