Lindblad NG Venture, Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness from Sitka, July 6, 2024

7-day cruise to Southeast Alaska’s Islands, Icy Strait, Glacier Bay, Petersburg, Frederik Sound, Tracy Arm Fjord & Juneau with Lindblad Expedition

Lindblad-National Geographic Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness 8d routeCruising From: Sitka, Alaska;
Departure Date: July 6, 2024;
Duration: 7-day cruise;
Cruise Line: Lindblad Expedition – National Geographic;
Cruise Ship: NG Venture;
Ports of Call: Sitka, Southeast Alaska’s Islands, Icy Strait, Glacier Bay, Frederick Sound / Chatham Strait, Petersburg, Tracy Arm, Juneau;

Experience wildlife, wilderness, and native culture on this Alaska cruise with Lindblad-National Geographic

Day 0


From May through September, Sitka serves as a popular stop for cruise ships traveling the Inside Passage. Huge cruise ships dock at sea, and smaller boats take people to the Crescent Harbor Lightering Facility or the O’Connell Bridge Lightering Facility. Sitka is one of the[…]

Day 1

Southeast Alaska’s Islands

From Icy Bay, northwest of Yakutat, to Dixon Entrance, the southeast region of Alaska spans roughly 500 miles. It consists of a narrow strip of land with a few islands just off the coast of British Columbia. In several locations, the Boundary Ranges of the[…]

Day 2

Icy Strait

Just outside the small village of Hoonah, which has Alaska’s largest native Tlingit Indian population, is the privately owned port of adventure known as Icy Strait Point. It’s named after the neighboring Icy Strait, and you’ll find it on Chichagof Island. Tlingit Indians have lived[…]

Day 3

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a must-see for any cruise ship making its way north through Southeast Alaska, thanks to its towering mountains, ice-sculpted fjords, rich marine life, and, most of all, gigantic tidewater glaciers. The scenery of Glacier Bay National Park, which[…]

Day 4

Frederick Sound

Frederick Sound is a passage in southeastern Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago. It’s what divides Kupreanof Island, to the south, from Admiralty Island, to the north. As well as being a fantastic place to fish, whale viewing in Frederick Sound is a very common activity. If you want[…]

Day 4

Chatham Strait

The Tlingit name for the narrow strait between the North Pacific and the Alexander Archipelago in southeast Alaska is Chatham Strait or Shee ya xhaak. Deep and narrow, the Chatham Strait is 240 kilometers long and has a long history of habitation by explorers and[…]

Day 5


Petersburg, Alaska is situated at the northern end of the Wrangell Narrows, a 22-mile waterway that is barely 300 feet wide and 19 feet deep in places. To this day, the people of Petersburg, Alaska, an Alaskan island settlement, rely on the ocean for their[…]

Day 6

Tracy Arm

About 45 miles south of Juneau and 70 miles north of Petersburg, Alaska, Tracy Arm is a fjord in the Tongass National Forest that is off of Holkham Bay and adjacent to Stephens Passage. As an alternative to Glacier Bay or as the single glacier[…]

Day 7


Juneau, often described as America’s most unusual state capital, is the only center of U.S. government with no roads leading into or out of town. The city is surrounded by nature, namely towering mountains and the waters of Gastineau Channel. The modern city of Juneau is[…]

Explore Alaska on an active, exciting expedition to see the region’s iconic wildlife and epic landscapes in the compact timeframe of one work week with Lindblad-National Geographic Alaska expeditions from Sitka to Southeast Alaska’s Islands, Icy Strait, Glacier Bay, Frederick Sound / Chatham Strait, Petersburg, Tracy Arm and Juneau on board NG Venture. NG Venture leaving Sitka for 7 nights from July 6, 2024.

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